Established Business And Commercial Law Firm in Missoula

Worden Thane P.C. in Missoula has served business owners in the area for decades with a strong track record of supporting our clients' overall business objectives.

Business Law: Legal Issues Within A Business

Our firm is well-equipped to advise entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business owners in internal business matters such as:

  • Business formation or startup
  • Entity selection (LLC, C corporation, S corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship)
  • Business record maintenance planning
  • Business operations design and implementation
  • Filing annual reports with the secretary of state
  • Filing other forms as required with government agencies
  • Intellectual property management
  • Employee issues: hiring, policies, training, manuals, litigation prevention
  • Labor law and union negotiations
  • Business dissolution

Our clients include a wide array of businesses and organizations, including small local businesses, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and health care practices, banking organizations and collection agencies.

Commercial Law: Legal Issues Between A Business And Customers, Other Businesses, Landlords And Lenders

Worden Thane P.C. is also a valuable adviser and advocate for commercial enterprises doing business with other businesses and the public. We are available to help with commercial transactions such as:

  • Contracts with other businesses and individuals
  • Commercial leases
  • Loan transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions

We consistently handle transactional aspects of commercial activity as well as dispute resolution, litigation and appeals. We draft contracts, revise terms of sale or lease, review critical issues such as warranties and insurance coverage, and bring or defend against breach of contract claims among other business and commercial litigation actions.

Contact A Business And Commercial Law Attorney At Worden Thane P.C.

We welcome phone inquiries at 406-203-3127 as well as email inquiries. We will gladly arrange for a consultation with one of our Montana lawyers, who focuses on your area of concern within the scope of business law and related issues such as commercial real estate.

If you need assistance with a Business And Commercial Law matter, please contact any of these attorneys: