Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property For Businesses And Entrepreneurs

Nearly every business has intellectual property issues to manage such as:

  • Creating or buying, using and protecting a business name and logo or other service mark or trademark
  • Obtaining and protecting copyrights for creative works
  • Protecting business secrets through confidentiality agreements and similar legally binding instruments

Worden Thane P.C. is a valuable resource for new and established businesses alike for most aspects of intellectual property. We can advise you on how to protect your company’s key assets such as client lists, as well as branding and protecting features such as color combinations, marketing jingles or slogans or recipes used in your business.

Challenges And Infringements

Perhaps another company has “stolen” your name, website or catalog descriptions. Perhaps a recently departed employee is apparently marketing to the same list of client prospects that he or she was assigned to while working for your company. How will you protect your legally held service marks, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights? An evaluation of the specifics of your claim by our trademark law attorneys, can help in guiding you to a fair outcome for your intellectual property issue.

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