Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property, Entertainment Law, and Software Counsel for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Intellectual property rights are intangible rights protecting commercially valuable products of the human intellect. Obtaining, maintaining, and protecting intellectual property rights is crucial for any business.  Worden Thane P.C. is a valuable resource for new and established businesses alike to ensure your intellectual property rights are protected. Our team protects our clients’ intellectual property, technology, products, and brands and provides a wide range of transactional and general counsel.

Prosecution, Counseling, and Transactions

Worden Thane P.C. can help you in all realms of prosecution, transactions, and general counsel. Our team routinely:

  • Helps with the creation, protection, and utilization of intellectual property rights to give clients an advantage over their competition.
  • Aids clients with product and brand protection, including all aspects of trademark, copyright, and trade secret procurement, prosecution, enforcement, litigation, licensing, and consulting.
  • Assists with a wide range of transactions like assignments, licensing, business sales, and business purchases.
  • Provides guidance for maintaining data privacy and security compliance with the GDPR and other state, national, and foreign data privacy and security laws.
  • Protects business secrets through confidentiality agreements and similar legally binding instruments.
  • Conducts intellectual property audits.
  • Provides counsel for entertainment clients, including film productions, with all aspects of the project from conception and financing through distribution.
  • Counsels in all aspects of technology law issues, including software, website, software-as-a-service, and the like.
  • Provides guidance in new and emerging technologies, such as NFTs.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Perhaps another company is using your name, website, jingle, or slogan. Perhaps a recently departed employee is using your company’s valuable secrets at his or her new job.  No matter the problem, Worden Thane will help you protect your intellectual property rights. Our team regularly:

  • Litigates intellectual property rights in administrative, state, and federal courts from trial through appeals, including:
    • Trade secret and employment litigation.
    • Trademark litigation, including counterfeiting, infringement, trade dress infringement, false advertising, and domain name disputes.
    • Copyright litigation.
    • Advocating from initial complaint through appeals.
  • Assists clients with protecting their rights of privacy and publicity by preventing and enforcing the unauthorized commercial use of an individual’s name, likeness, or other recognizable aspects of one’s persona.
  • Provides assistance against unfair competition through litigating torts that cause economic injury to a business through deceptive or wrongful business practices.

An evaluation of the specifics of your claim by our intellectual property law attorneys can help guide you to a fair outcome for your intellectual property issue.

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