Labor Law And Union Negotiations

Management Relations including negotiations for management

Worden Thane P.C. has lawyers with over fifty years of experience in representing management in every type of labor law matters. We have represented management in regard to representation, organization and unfair labor practice cases, grievance and arbitrations, negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and general wage, employment, wrongful discharge, discrimination, overtime, workers compensation and unemployment matters.

Our lawyers advise employers, and their employees, regarding their legal rights during efforts by unions to organize employees. We represent employers before the National Labor Relations Board in the Board’s elections to determine if a majority of their employees want a union to represent them. We protect the rights of the employers to prevent unlawful activities by union organizers and inform employees of their legal rights so they can make proper decisions when pressured by union organizers.

We represent employers in negotiating with unions on both new and existing contracts with the experience gained from such negotiations with virtually every type of union in Montana. We protect employers from unknowingly committing unfair practices under the labor laws, and protect the employer from union unfair practices. We provide experienced lawyers to act on behalf of employers before the National Labor Relations Board when unfair labor practices do occur.

Our lawyers are experienced in representing employers before the NLRB in cases where their employees no longer desire to be represented by a labor union. We secure decertification elections to enable the employees to vote the union out. In addition to the NLRB we have handled employment matters before other special agencies, Montana Human Rights Commission, DOL, EEOC, OSHA, & OFCC.

In short, Worden Thane PC is available to assist employers in every aspect of labor laws.

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