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It is a solemn responsibility to handle someone’s estate after death. It can also be burdensome and confusing for a personal representative (executor of an estate, or trustee of a trust) to manage all the details, deadlines and duties that go along with it. Beneficiaries may put pressure on the personal representative or trustee as they are eager to receive their portion of the estate.

The good news is you do not have to fulfill this responsibility alone. An experienced probate and estate administration lawyer is an invaluable ally. Turn to Worden Thane, a Missoula law firm with an established reputation. We can advise you in the use of applicable powers of attorney in the days before a person’s death, and keep you informed on how to proceed upon death.

Our probate and estate attorneys provide competent, economical advice to guide individuals through the inventory, collection and distribution of a decedent’s property, including guiding the personal representative through the probate process and administering a decedent’s estate, assisting trustees in interpreting and administering trust agreements, and guiding individuals through any unexpected detours, including complications and disputes that may arise.

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