Land Use

Land Use Legal Advice In Missoula

A critical issue for many clients of our law firm who own land or plan to buy or lease land is that of land use. Potential real estate purchasers, engineers, developers and lenders turn to our experienced real estate lawyers for information, advice and advocacy in the area of land use. We review existing zoning laws and regulations, help our clients negotiate or petition for zoning variances, and resolve disputes with landlords, government agencies and neighboring property owners having to do with the way land is used.

Specific methods we use to help make our clients’ cases compelling include arranging for surveying, reviewing city codes, conducting historical research on properties and negotiating terms of commercial leases. Our lawyers apply knowledge of land use and zoning laws gained through years practicing in the Missoula area.

We understand how important it is for a business to operate as it needs to in order to thrive. Are there questions about how your business will deal with exhaust or control odors or aromas associated with your company’s usual activities? Has your business suddenly been challenged after a complaint was made to the city about your business’s usual activities? Tackle the challenge head-on and get the clarity you need to move forward.

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