Legal Advice And Advocacy On Zoning

Questions about zoning and permissible land use are common — and important — in the course of a commercial property sale and purchase as well as during the course of ownership, when a property owner wants to use the land differently than before. Municipalities and other government entities often put up roadblocks that make it difficult for businesses or individuals to use properties as they intended to. A knowledgeable zoning attorney is a valuable source of information for people approaching real estate transactions or dealing with legal challenges from the city or any government body.

Are you a business owner or manager looking for a commercial property where zoning will allow the necessary occupational activities that make up your business — or do you want to start a different enterprise on land you already own? Whether you plan to develop an office park, open a car repair shop or run a Christmas tree sales operation seasonally, you should have an experienced lawyer review zoning requirements for any property you are considering purchasing or plan to modify.

At any point in the process of obtaining or using commercial property, we can help you with problems concerning:

  • Alleged covenant or commercial zoning violations
  • Construction permits as needed to build or remodel a property
  • Condominium conversions
  • Neighboring property issues

Whatever legal matter you face, our attorneys can guide you efficiently and cost-effectively toward a satisfactory resolution. We represent property purchases, sellers and owners in disputes against government entities, other property owners or neighboring businesses.

If you need assistance with Zoning matter, please contact any of these attorneys:

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