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November 22, 2022

At Worden Thane, we believe it is of the utmost importance to celebrate the holidays with loved ones and dedicate time to sitting back and taking it all in. We create time and space for our attorneys to recharge during the holiday season, in hopes that it will keep their work life and home lives healthy. To kick off the holiday season well, we thought we would share some of our cherished Thanksgiving traditions with you!

Dawn Donham, Legal Administrator:

“For many years, my husband and kids would spend our Thanksgiving with his side of the family in Clinton, MT. It was always wonderful! Lots of love and laughter, and interesting food, as my husband’s extended family came to the U.S. from Lebanon. Then, around ten years ago my parents moved to our area to be closer to my sister and my family. Well, in a lot of ways this was a great thing! But, it also meant having to choose where and who we spent our Thanksgiving holiday with.

So, after a few years of struggling, we started our own tradition. 

Each year, we pack up everything and drive to the small town of Harrison, MT to stay in the old farmhouse that once belonged to my grandpa and grandma Olind. The home is still in our family and a wonderful get-a-way with no internet or television. We joke that time stands still, as the clock on the wall reads ten minutes to 8:00 all the time! The family has opted not to make any changes to the old house, so it’s like spending a weekend at Gram’s like when we were growing up. We invite friends and family from around the state to enjoy the holiday weekend with us. We eat, cook, and play games. Lately, we’ve even taken to devoting one whole day to making homemade noodles! It’s the best time!”

Lissa Summers, Paralegal:

“This year, I am starting a new tradition. Over the years, I have often hosted Thanksgiving for my family and usually extras. I loved doing it but have come to realize that a huge part of my love for preparing a full-on Thanksgiving dinner is having my Mom (Toni Tipton) there to either cook the actual Turkey or at least assist me in doing so and having my sisters there to help with the Pumpkin Pie, Romanoff Potatoes (a family favorite), and Green Bean Casserole. That left me primarily responsible for providing a house in which to gather libations and whatever appetizers and additional side dishes suited my fancy. 

Things have changed, as they will. My mom passed on Thanksgiving Day of 2015, and although we all continue to celebrate Thanksgiving one way or another, always with mom in our hearts, it hasn’t been the same since. My mom was also famous for her lasagna and, as a family, we always enjoyed it during the holidays as an “eve” meal and let’s all just recognize how much more relaxing it is to prepare lasagna than an “all the fixin’s Turkey spread.” 

So, I am combining some family traditions and having an Italian-themed Thanksgiving this year with Mom’s Lasagna and a Pumpkin Tiramisu. We will be enjoying this new Thanksgiving tradition with local friends – old and new.

Sono grato! (I’m thankful, as they say it in Italy).”

Jennifer Shannon, Attorney:

“For me, Thanksgiving means watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade followed by the National Dog Show. After that, I get outside on a run or walk—sometimes a Turkey Trot—to enjoy the fresh air and quiet before heading to my Grandma’s house for a get-together with my 20+ aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

In other words, I get to enjoy everything I’m thankful for: my family, the great outdoors, and silly television. These photos are some of my favorite Thanksgiving memories taken during the “great outdoors” portion of my day.”

Elizabeth Erickson, Attorney:

“We always cut a Christmas tree, which feels extra special to me, having grown up in metro Atlanta where Christmas trees come from parking lots where they were shipped from places like Canada. We also always run the Turkey Trot as a family!”

Thanks for following along with all of our traditions! We hope you have some cherished traditions you will cultivate fond memories from this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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