The Start of the 2021 Worden Thane Fantasy Football Season!

Employee Spotlight

September 09, 2021

Each year Worden Thane hosts a “football game” to determine their fantasy football league draft pick order. It’s a fun afternoon of snacks, drinks, and heckling. Each employee selects a team, and whoever scores first, becomes #1 in the draft order. Our team this year consists of 15 employees, and 14 of them are looking forward to stealing the trophy from the current champion: Renee Wayne.

Check out the pictures from the game, and be sure to stay tuned:

A close up of our really cool game board designed by Abby Dussault


Abby and Lissa counting yards, as others wait patiently for their turn


Abby, Renee, and Alyssa counting yards


Martin, Christina, and Dillon discussing football stats


Natalie rolling the dice. Thanks Tamarack Brewery for the great apps!


Renee plans to defend her title as champion for 2021


The Worden ThaneFantasy Football Trophy

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