Conduct Real Estate Transactions With The Reassurance An Experienced Lawyer Can Give

The purchase or sale of residential or commercial property is a major event that requires careful consideration and diligence. A great deal is at stake leading up to a purchase, sale or lease agreement. When complications arise, a lawyer's representation can make or break your successful deal.

An attorney's advice and guidance is crucial for ensuring that a real estate transaction proceeds smoothly and does not leave the buyer, seller, landlord or tenant with unforeseen liabilities. Worden Thane P.C. is a trusted real estate firm that regularly handles transactions both in and around Missoula, and also statewide. Our lawyers work closely with clients to protect their interests and further their goals as they:

  • Prepare properties for sale
  • Divide properties
  • Disclose known property defects
  • Address any environmental contamination issues, whether as a buyer or seller
  • Make boundary adjustments
  • Delineate permitted land uses in lease agreements
  • Obtain real estate financing
  • Understand taxation issues
  • Make purchase offers
  • Accept purchases offers
  • Arrange for inspections
  • Obtain title insurance
  • Prepare for closing
  • Complete closing
  • Register ownership changes with the state

Our firm does not manage closings but we collaborate with third parties, such as title companies, as needed to prepare our clients for closings.

Before, during or after a real estate transaction, disputes may arise, and our law firm often represents clients through these disputes such as access disputes and cases of title defects.

If you need assistance with Real Estate Transactions matter, please contact any of these attorneys:

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