Probate and Trust Litigation: Will Contests, Trust Litigation And More

Plan Ahead Today To Prevent Future Disputes

When it is done correctly, estate planning covers all contingencies to help survivors avoid disputes when it comes time to settle an estate. This is one very important reason to work with an experienced attorney who can examine all details of your estate with you and help you devise the right testamentary documents and strategies for your unique circumstances.

Get Qualified Legal Counsel Promptly If You Are A Party To Probate Or Trust Litigation

If you are dealing with someone's estate after that person's death, it is of course too late to revise a will or to assign assets to a trust. However, a knowledgeable lawyer can guide you in your responsibilities (if you are the personal representative, executor/executrix or trustee) and advise you of your rights and options (if you are a named beneficiary or otherwise believe you have claim to any portion of an estate or trust).

Worden Thane P.C.'s attorneys are adept at advising and representing individuals with regard to disputes involving will contests, trust disputes and breach of fiduciary duty claims. Clients can count on Worden Thane P.C. attorneys for both litigation experience and the ability to creatively resolve issues.

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Estate litigation can take time to resolve, but an early start with legal counsel can keep you ahead of the curve. Your case may be resolvable without going to court — but if it heads in that direction, we are prepared to represent your position skillfully inside of court or out. Call our Missoula, Montana, law offices at 406-203-3127 or send an email message to request a consultation with an attorney.