Worden Thane 2021 Summer Adventures

Employee Spotlight

July 23, 2021

Now that Summer is in full swing, we wanted to check in with our employees to see how post-pandemic life is going! This is the first of many photos and stories, and we are excited to showcase our team enjoying all that Montana has to offer, while spending a great time with friends and family:

Christina Johnson

This was from a hike to Bailey Lake, out by Twin Lakes west of Hamilton with two of my dogs Loki and Chance. Nothing has changed for me. I lived during the pandemic how I lived every other day! Hiking and outdoors as much as possible.

Alyssa Sutton

Something as simple as going to the park is now the greatest adventure for my kids. The other night we stumbled onto a local park and it happened to have a water feature- no swimsuits, no problem- my son’s smiling face is what is most important.  

Clare Kealey

My husband and I got a third Australian Shepherd. He loves to hike, kayak, and play in the snow- a true Montanan! Here we are at our favorite lake close to Kalispell.

Lissa Summers

Even without fireworks, it was so fun to be camping at Moose Creek and back up at Big Sky for the Fourth of July celebration with our dear family friends, live music, food trucks, and just all-around good community vibes! It is so happy-making to be out in the world again!

Lane Hanson

COVID gave me A LOT more time to go explore. I spent a lot of time with family, tried to start new hobbies, and lots and lots of miles were hiked.

Martin King

Here is a post-COVID picture taken near Dodson Montana. The wonder dog Greta is in the rock shadow. Living in a pandemic makes one grateful for crazy dogs and windswept buttes.

Brand Boyar

After a year of pandemic yoga in a basement, someone had to break out his crow pose at Sacred Dancing Cascade in Glacier National Park.

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