ACTEC Family Estate Planning Guide

Estate Planning

May 13, 2019

The ACTEC Family Estate Planning Guide is a series of videos that offer insight into the fundamentals of wills and trusts. The content has been developed by ACTEC Fellows as a resource to provide to our clients and those interested in Estate Planning! Check out these great videos and let us know what you think!

Understanding IRAs and IRA Beneficiaries

IRA beneficiary designations can be confusing. Learn the essentials of naming IRA beneficiaries from trust and estate experts ACTEC Fellows Stacy E. Singer and Svetlana V. Bekman. Managing an IRA and designating the inheritance can be confusing. Discover how to name a spouse, children, a trust, unborn children and charities as beneficiaries in this short video.

How Does a Revocable Trust Avoid Probate?

ACTEC Fellows Stacy Singer and Jonathan Michael from Chicago, IL discuss in easy to understand terms:

– The purpose and role of a revocable trust in avoiding probate

– What a revocable trust can and cannot do

– If a revocable trust can protect assets from creditors

– Steps individuals need to take when setting up a revocable trust.

What is Joint Tenancy and When Should I Use It?

ACTEC Fellows Richard R. Gans and Tami Conetta of Sarasota, Florida answer what is joint tenancy offer professional information regarding the topic. The discussion answers what does JTWROS stand for, and the advantages and disadvantages or holding assets in joint tenancy.

What is Probate?

Fellows from The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, ACTEC, Richard R. Gans and Phillip A. Baumann discuss “What is Probate?” Understand what you need to know about managing an individual’s assets after a death, including how the court may be involved, from experts in the field of trust and estate management.

What is a Revocable Trust?

“What is a Revocable Trust and Do I Need One?” is critical estate planning information. Mary F. Radford, Professor of Law at Georgia State University, explains in everyday terms what you need to know. Radford, a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, is the author of Georgia Trusts & Trustees; Guardianships & Conservatorships in Georgia; the sixth and seventh editions of Redfearn: Wills & Administration in Georgia; and numerous law review articles.

Understanding Powers of Attorney

Understanding your Power of Attorney, POA, is critical to estate planning. It is the single most important document you can sign. Bernie Krooks, a nationally-recognized expert in all aspects of elder law and special needs planning, shares his expertise in this informative video.


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